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At Ringlands Optics I offer an incredibly wide and varied selection of Eyewear to suit all tastes and optical needs, from the everyday, to the most complex prescription Eyewear, including SungIasses, sports Specific Eyewear and much more. I can supply just about any frame your heart desires and that your pocket is comfortable with. I specialise in expert advice in frame selection and stocking collections from emerging British Designers, petite Eyewear and eco-friendly designers, to name a few. If I don't have in stock a suitable item, then we can source them through my many contacts.

Click the links below to access just some of the collections, available to and stocked at Ringlands Optics.

Accessories Croakies.jpg

Please Note: if you see a frame you like in a High Street opticians, we can usually source the frame for you, guaranteed to be at a much more competitive and agreeable price.

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