The new normal at Ringlands Optics during the Covid pandemic

Covid 19 Update following 19th July Announcements: 


Dear Customers and friends


As the country moves to lifting of Statutory Guidance with respect to COVID 19 safety measures, I am writing to let you know how things will operate at Ringlands Optics, with a view to maintaining a safe environment for us all.


As many of you already know, I have long term health conditions that require me to take immunosuppressant medication and consequently, even after 2 Covid 19 vaccinations, I am still vulnerable to catching the infection and suffering severe illness. Many of my customers also fall into this Clinically Extremely Vulnerable category and this has informed my decisions.


It is clear that the lifting of restrictions is expected to cause a large spike in infections and in view of that the following will apply:


Face Masks: I will continue to ask my customers to wear a mask when attending their appointment, unless there is a clinical reason for them not to. Once in the consulting room, this can be removed for trying on frames and having glasses fittings and adjustments.  I will wear a face mask and protective goggles at all times.


Vaccination: I will ask if you have been vaccinated prior to your appointment.


Hygiene: I will provide hand sanitiser to be used prior to and during consultation.  I will continue to sanitise all stock and instruments used in each consultation and to wipe down all contact surfaces between customer visits.


These measures will be reviewed regularly.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Latest update: 13/07/2021