My Success is Your Success

Glasses are the first thing people see when looking at you and are the window through which you view the world.  So it is important you feel good in them, both visually and aesthetically and that they should reflect accurately your style and personality.

My 38 years in practice have taught me that it is a complex process to gather, combine and interpret all the nuances that inform the spectacle choice.

My success is using my experience and expertise to provide you with the help, guidance and support to make the best choice for you and your vision.

Your success is walking away feeling great about your eye-wear.


The service I provide is individually tailored to each customer. Many of my customers find the High Street spectacle buying experience transactional and rushed. Choosing glasses is a very personal experience, after all, your glasses represent you as a person, your style, your personality and your aspirations and so it warrants careful consideration.

The High Street shop is a very public environment in which to try on and examine yourself in different frames and it can be quite intimidating.

At Ringlands Optics you can spend time in a private environment receiving individual attention and expert advice in a one-to-one consultation.

Many of my customers take a selection of frames home to try them on in their familiar surroundings and get the opinion of loved ones.​



If you would like the best solution to your eyewear needs, contact me - Debra Watts:

Call me on 01264 333 092

Mobile: 07764 455 333

Email me: 

Check out my Contact Page for full information and I look forward to booking an appointment with you.

You'll see I also have a Testimonials Page, so don't just take my word for it, I have many happy and satisfied customers.




These are some of the Lens Brands and Stockists available to me. If you see frames you like, let me know as you have the freedom to choose the best product for you because, unlike most High Street Opticians, I am not tied in to a particular supplier.

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